Verde Propane is dedicated to the "hands on" approach.  We, the owners, are the employees.  Our truck is our office!

We provide propane fuel to businesses, homes, and RV's.  We have a low 25 gallon minimum purchase required, unless you are in an RV park or resort.  If your RV is set up in a park or resort there is no minimum purchase required.  

We provide tanks for our customers' to lease and offer "will call" or keep full delivery.  Will call entails the customer monitoring the tank and calling ahead when the tank gets around 20% so we can deliver propane before the tank is empty*.  Keep full is an excellent service where we check your tank regularly and when it gets low we fill it at our lowest going rate at the time.

Since Verde Propane is an owner run company we have the ability to be as flexible as our business sense will allow and that shows in our customer satisfaction.

If you are a business, resort, RV park or even a resident that has 5 or more cylinders to fill at one time, we offer site delivery of propane.  Just call and schedule a delivery and leave the rest to us.

*As an industry standard, customers' are required to sign a lease agreement.  Customers owning their own tank are asked to sign an agreement granting us permission to deliver.   Under certain conditions, ie: out of gas calls, non delivery day calls, etc, services charges do apply.

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